1. Photo contest “Colours of Lithuania: #ShowLithuania” rules define the purpose, time, organizing principles, winners evaluation criteria and award procedure of the contest.
    2. Photo contest “Colours of Lithuania: #ShowLithuania” is intended to visualize the Calendar of year 2016, which will consist of photos from the winning participants. 2000 Calendars will be printed. Their purpose is to represent Lithuania. The main orders are: to promote tourism inside the country, to integrate the foreign exchange students into society, to broaden horizons of the students, to introduce country’s traditions and culture, collect a photo archive.
    3. The date of the contest is from September 2 until November 15 of the year 2015.


  2. The organizers of the contest are – State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy and Association “Erasmus Student Network ESN Lithuania.
  3. Competition is open to all foreign students, who came with exchange programs.
  4. Photos submitted to the contest must comply with the topic of the contest “Colours of Lithuania: #ShowLithuania”, this means that the students have to show how they see Lithuania in their photos, the photos should reflect Lithuanian lifestyle.


  2. Only digital files must be submitted to the contest.
  3. Photos submitted to the contest must be taken in 2015.
  4. The submitted digital files of the photos must match these criteria:
    • JPG format, size 300 x 200 mm (size in pixels not smaller than 3000 x 2000), resolution must be 300 dpi, maximum file size – 5MB.
    • File name must be like the following: title_surname_name_year.
    • Photos must be colored, created without computer filters, montages, photoshop or similar tools.
    • Photos, which do not match these criteria will not be evaluated.
  5. Photos must be sent via email to [email protected], until 2015 October 23.
  6. Together with the photo (in separate Word document) must be included: 1) Name and surname of the author, contacts (phone number, University, nationality, e-mail.); 2) Short (maximum of 20 words) description of the photo, including the name of the city, in which the photo was taken.
  7. Author of the photo is responsible for the photo’s content copyrights, according to the state law.
    By submitting the photo to the contest, the participant confirms that he is the author of the photo and that he has consent from the people in the photo to use it in the contest.
  8. One author can submit  more than one photo.
  9. All photos submitted to the contest can be uploaded to internet gallery http://www.lithuania.travel/lt/galerija/76487
  10. Organizers can change the rules of the contest.


  2. Digital files of the photos, which do not match the requirements in points 6, 7, 8 will not be evaluated. Submitted photo will get a letter of confirmation, with information regarding the requirements stated.
  3. Photos submitted after the date stated in the point 9 will not be evaluated.
  4. The evaluation of the submitted photos will be concluded by voting in public.
  5. The organizers can require additional information about the photo (time, used special tools and other), should any doubts rise.
  6. Main photo evaluation criteria:
    • High artistic value and originality.
    • Compliance with the topic of the contest.
    • Technical quality of the photos.
    • Long-lasting value (photos should not lose their actuality, be interesting as the years pass)
  7. From all the submitted photos 13 will be selected by public voting , from which I-III place will receive main prizes and 4-13 places will receive additional awards.


  2. Winners of the contest will be announced on 2015 November 15. Until that date, information about the winners will not be published.
  3. The winners of the I-III place will be awarded with prizes from State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy.
  4. After the contest ends, the State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy and Association “Erasmus Student Network ESN Lithuania” can use (when creating publications, posters, internet page contents and other) the photos which were submitted while also stating the author. When author submits a photo to the contest he agrees, that the State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy and Association “Erasmus Student Network ESN Lithuania” can use the photo for their intentions. No royalties will be paid to the authors for the usage of the photos.


    1. Submission of the photos to the contest  “Colours of Lithuania: #ShowLithuania” is considered as an agreement to comply with the rules and regulations stated in this document, by the authors and the State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy and Association “Erasmus Student Network ESN Lithuania”.