ESN ŠU is inviting you to a miraculous event. There is a hint: "Two souls, one heart". So be ready to experience a firework of feelings and all shades of excitement. 

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Date: 15-16 of December 2018 
Theme: Weddings 
Place: Šiauliai University Library / Šiauliai City 
Accommodation: University / College dormitory 

Event is organized by ESN ŠU
Head OC: Remigijus Katlauskas 
Vice-Head OC: Karmena Davidovaitė 
E-mail: [email protected]

Participation fee |10 EUR
Participation Fee for Auditors | 30 EUR
Participation Fee for International Guests | 30 EUR

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You can suggest any topic or WS/SS for this NP until the 22nd of Nowember 23:59 here:
We would like to address that anyone who participates in the NP can hold a presentation or WS/SS.

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We are looking for Chair, Vice Chair and two secretaries.
Open Call is valid until 15th of Nowember. Send your application to [email protected]

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Register here:
Deadline to register: 1st of December 23:59.

Distribution of places:
• 5 spots per Section;
• 7 spots for National Board members;
• 5 spots for National Coordinators;
• 1 spot per National Committee;
• 5 spots for ESN LT Alumni;
• 4 spots for Chairing Team;
• Additional spots for Auditors;
• Additional places for International Guests.

If you want to apply for the auditor or international guest spot, just register and we will contact you regarding the further steps.

15/12/2018 - 10:00 to 16/12/2018 - 17:00

Khaoula El Maaloumi from Morocco, Erasmus+ studies in Lithuania (for 5 months)

My Erasmus experience started quite unexpectedly. I heard about Vilnius University at my institution, and suddenly started looking for the courses taught and once I found it, I made my decision to come here. I honestly knew almost nothing about Lithuania before, but even after unforgettably cold weather and strange environment which kind of shocked me on the first day, the impressions about this country change to the better every single day, especially after meeting other international and local students and going to the trips together.

I came to Lithuania in February. When I stepped off the plane, I felt kind of paralysed because of cold, and I couldn’t make myself move for while. It was -11 degrees and it was snowing. It is really nice to watch the snow falling from the house window, but when you are outside… However, I will probably never forget the first winter trip to Trakai and the walking on the frozen lake, when I thought: “how it possible is that it does not break, what is under it? – Water. – I am not a good swimmer!” Some guys were even jumping on the ice just to make it even scarier for me.  Now, after some time I could say that the forests and the green nature in general is probably what impress me the most about Lithuania. Lithuanians should be proud of their nature! Even the cities are really green here. My favourite place in Kaunas so far is probably – Pažaislis Monastery. The nature around is spectacular. I am looking forward to come there again someday.

One of the weirdest things for me in Lithuania is the traditional pink soup. When I first saw it, I could not understand what this pink colour is coming from. I even had an impression that it must be the pink painting. For me it is also very unusual that Lithuanians eat so much potatoes. There is a potato in every meal here. However, I am a kind of person who is able to adapt to the new environment. I actually think that I am going to cry, when I will have to leave. I wish that Erasmus exchange would take longer, I mean a year or maybe even a few years. I think that while being Erasmus student I changed as a person in a good way. I became more independent and made many social connections. I discovered unknown cultures and made good friends. People from different cultures whom I met here have become like a family to me.

I think that Erasmus is a must. If you’re still wondering, you should definitely go on Erasmus exchange. It is an experience of a lifetime. It is all worth it. You meet lots of new people and the best part is that you have so much fun. And Lithuania is a really good destination!


Written by Irmina Budriūtė

Trifon Stanchev from Bulgaria, Erasmus+ studies in Lithuania at Vilnius University faculty of Kaunas (for 5 months):

Erasmus in Lithuania – new friends, good beer and… potatoes!

The idea to go to study in Lithuania came suddenly. My marketing class lecturer told about her impressions during the trip to Lithuania, and advised all of us to go and see it. At that time I was feeling like I needed a new environment and new experience. So right after the lecture I started thinking about going to Lithuania and soon applied for Erasmus exchange at my university. I did not know much about this country before going here but that was what it made me even more curious.

I remember the first day here was actually nice and my mentor picked me up from the bus station and showed me around. My first impressions about Lithuania were positive, indeed. Lithuania has so many cultural monuments: churches, museums and beautiful nature: many rivers and forests. I am not disappointed about university choice either. The lectures here are so practical and well-organised. I am also attending Spanish classes here which I find very useful since I know that I will go to study in Spain next year.

What I find unusual in Lithuania is the national folk dances. It was something I haven’t seen before but it was quite funny, though. I had so much fun while trying to learn some folk dance steps. Lithuanian cuisine is also something very different from what I was used to before. There are so many potatoes here that it seems like every dish is made out of them! The cold pink soup seemed very weird at first too, but once I tried it, it turned out that I really like it!

Probably what I miss the most about my country is the warm weather. The weather here is quite disappointing – there is too much rain and coldness and local people’s mood sometimes seems to be affected by such weather. But I’m impressed about the fact that Lithuanians speak and communicate in English so well and Lithuanian girls, they are so beautiful! So if I was asked to stay for 5 months more in this country, I could not resist. Kaunas is the city where I now spend most of the time and I cannot wait until the weather will get warm and all the trees in Laisvės avenue will come into leaf. I think I will go out and spend all day making pictures all around Kaunas.

Erasmus to me means that I actually became a traveler in a wider sense. Firstly, I came to another country and completely different environment and secondly, I met the people from so many different cultural backgrounds that become good friends of mine. And my tip for future Erasmus students in Lithuania is – pack a luggage full of warm clothes because definitely, you will need those no matter which season you’re planning to stay here. The weather is always unpredictable!

Written by Irmina Budriūtė

Dear ESN Lithuania members!

On March 18-19th travel back in time to the decade of your choice where the times where simplier and the sound of an old record connected people together. ESN KK invites you to forget your phones and interact like it's the 90s all over again in the 31st National Platform at Kaunas College! It's gonna be off the heasy! Peace out!

Theme: Till the millennium
Date: 18th - 19th of March, 2017
Place: Kaunas University of Applied Sciences (Pramonės pr. 20)
Accommodation: R Hostel (Vytauto pr. 83, Kaunas) and Monk's bunk (Laisvės al. 48-2, Kaunas)
Organized by ESN KK
Head OC: Egidijus Danielius
Vice Head OC : Agnė Bosaitė
E-mail: [email protected]

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You can suggest any topic or WS/SS for this NP until 25th of February here: We would like to address that anyone who participate in the NP can hold a presentation or WS/SS.

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We are looking for a chair and vice chair and two secretaries. Open Call valid until 18th of February. Send your application to [email protected]

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You can register to National Platform No.31 until 25th of February here:

Distribution of places:
• 5 spots per Section;
• 6 spots National Board members ;
• 7 spots National Coordinators;
• 1 spot per National Committee;
• 5 spots for ESN LT Alumni;
• 4 spots for Chairing Team;
• 5 spots for auditors;
• Additional places for guests.

In order to get an auditor or guest spot send your motivational letter to [email protected] until 25th of February. Do not forget to register before the deadline (you do not need to be confirmed to register). 

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If you have any questions you can contact board of ESN Lithuania via [email protected]

18/03/2017 to 19/03/2017
It's time to go back to your roots. That's why we are creating an opportunity for you to run away from the city bustle to peaceful countryside. This year we will have totally different theme - Etno. The place will be Liepų str. 2, Būda, Kazlų Rūda district, Būda community house. And everything will be organized by ESN VDK, ESN KTU, ESN KUK.
Interesting! Isn't it?
01/10/2016 - 10:00 to 02/10/2016 - 18:00
5 €

All the sections of ESN Lithuania join their forces to make experience of exchange students in Lithuania unforgettable with the combination of a festival and a summer camp – ESCAPE Erasmus Student Camp.

All these days will be full of various activities: orientation games, sports, art workshops, games, brain battle, live music bands, DJ and more. We all know that weather in Lithuania is unpredictable but even that will not be able to make a change on the mood because all of the equipment for the planned activities can be quickly adapted to weather conditions – sun or rain, everybody is provided with the space for having lots of fun.

Not convinced yet? All weekend long nobody has to think about getting to places, finding a bed to sleep or food to eat. Reserved buses will go from the biggest Lithuanian cities to the place of ESCAPE. There are no luxurious hotels but living conditions are respective with the rooms for various size of people groups so everyone gets their own bed and personal space. For your convenience, breakfast, lunch and dinner are also included.

You can buy your tickets here.

23/09/2016 - 10:00 to 25/09/2016 - 21:00
65 € - 75 €

We are all in the Milky Way... Maybe it is time to have some changes? Let's change galaxies for the 28th time!
BETWEEN GALAXIES - that is what ESN Šiauliai is planing to show us this time!

11/06/2016 - 10:00 to 12/06/2016 - 18:00
5 €

   One the 12th-13th of March, 15 sections came together as the 27th National Platform of ESN Lithuania began. Organized cooperatively by ESN KK and ESN VU KHF. With the plenaries and workshops being held in VU Kaunas Faculty of Humanities. Among other things, this NP was focused upon the reports of the National Board members, National Coordinators, National Committees and of the sections themselves.

   On the first day of the Platform they saw the reports of Eduk8 Starter participants, "Colours of Lithuania", CNR Jyvaskyla and the National Board.

   The day came to a energetic end as ESN ISM and then ESN ŠU presented their candidacies for the OC of NP'28. And finally the evening was a part where all faces began to fade, as the night brought on the Masquarade. An evening part with many games and a wonderful performance by the OC.

   On the second day of the Platform. For the second time at a Platform of ESN Lithuania an infomarket was held to present the sections, where everyone got a chance to get up and personal, meet face to face and learn all they could want about other sections and share gadgets with eachother.

   The votings decided ESN ŠU as the OC for the next platform and "Go Xtreme" as a National Event.


Written by Tautvydas Utyra


Daphne Scherer is another example of a person who has used her volunteer work for ESN to her benefit. Today, she works for the European Commission.

Born in Genova, Daphne is Italian by nationality but has enjoyed a life in an international context, both through studying and working as a volunteer. Already in 2003, Daphne had her first experience abroad, when she attended a high school cultural exchange. After one year in the US, Daphne started her undergraduate degree in Italy.

However, she still wanted to be a part of an international community. Even before enrolling at the university, she joined the local ESN section. For three years, she was responsible for the Tandem project and organising language cafés. Like many ESNers, she also used the opportunity to practice her foreign language skills while volunteering.

Even after several years working for ESN locally, Daphne wasn’t satisfied with her international experiences. So, for her Master’s, Daphne moved to Denmark where she attended the University of Aalborg and graduated with a degree in Culture, Communication and Globalisation. ESN Denmark was a big part of her time in Aalborg. After graduating, she moved to Paris for the European Voluntary Service.  

During her EVS, Daphne got even more involved in ESN. First, through the PRIME project in 2009 where she worked on the continuous challenges concerning recognition procedures for outgoing exchange students. Daphne also worked on preparing the PRIME project in 2010, andoperated as a National Representative for ESN Italy and Vice-Chair for the newly established International Committee for Education. Through her work in ESN, she got the possibility to attend the Bulgarian Education Summer Training II in Bulgaria and was part of setting up the Eduk8 project.

Her volunteer work in ESN helped her achieve her goals. More than anything, her previous experience with the PRIME project helped her gain a position at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Education and Culture. In her position, Daphne is working with higher education and Erasmus.

For Daphne, having always dreamt about working in the field of higher education, the dream has come true. She has no doubt about what helped her achieve this:

“This was always my dream and ESN gave me the opportunity to seize it!”


Written by: Jesús Escrivá Muñoz, Sara Panis, Stefan Jahnke
Edited by: Olav Mydland


Every success story begins with a first step forward and things following naturally. As a volunteer experience, ESN has been a stepping stone for many, now successful, individuals. This was also the case for Damien Lamy-Preto, who works for Education First in France as a Business Developer.

After his Erasmus exchange, Damien decided to join ESN in addition to his studies and work in architecture, but ESN completely changed his career. He has been involved in ESN for almost ten years, starting from a section member, to the section President of ESN Nancy. Later, he continued his journey as the National Treasurer of ESN France and lastly he became the Treasurer of ESN International.

Through his experience in ESN, Damien developed an entrepreneurial spirit. He believed that developing himself as much as he did was only possible due to the love he has for the mission and vision of ESN. So much of what he achieved was due to the effort he put forth and his belief that ESN could be great.

His hard work and involvement was rewarded with trust from the network, which allowed him to further learn and develop as he was working to keep that trust. After years of experience, on all levels, he is still convinced that ESN can always do better if the belief and trust in ESN, and its members, continue to grow.

Thanks to his volunteer experience in ESN, Damien pursued a career that was very different from his studies. He compares his choice with other students who followed an MBA path to build up their careers and now when he looks back he believes he made a good choice. In his own words:

“In ESN, nothing is impossible. The work fields of ESN are really broad: Education, Management, Finances, IT and so on. I found a real possibility to grow personally and professionally and thanks to the size of the Network this was a long and fruitful adventure.”

In ESN, he had the chance to work with many different institutions and companies which helped him build extensive personal relations and networks. He developed numerous skills in finance, languages, education management, and leadership, but above all, he values his friendship skills, which he believes will be essential in his future.

He is convinced that if it hadn’t been for ESN he wouldn’t have had these vast opportunities to improve himself at the level he did and he would have also never gotten in touch with Education First, where he works now.

Damien’s experience is a great example for every volunteer in ESN. From time to time, your volunteering work might not always seem important to you, or be relevant to your field, but you are learning a lot and developing competences you do not even realise at the time. All of this self-improvement will be helpful in your near future.

ESN is so much more than meets the eye. Search no more for what is relevant. By adding value to the network, you will also be adding value to yourself. ESN itself might not be the reason a company will employ you, but the skills and experiences you acquire from volunteering in ESN will. 


Written by: Jesús Escrivá Muñoz, Sara Panis, Stefan Jahnke
Edited by: Cüneyt Akso