Promoting internationalisation and mobility is one of the goals of Erasmus in Schools (EiS), and our volunteers have participated in this project to discuss important topics with the kids in Lithuanian schools. This time two volunteers from ESN VMU and ESN LSMU have shared their experiences and told what it feels like to educate the younger generations.


My experience in the project Erasmus in School was very helpful for me personally and for the high school students. Why? Because speaking in front of an audience is kind of my future. I am planning to be a lecturer at a university. Also, about high school students, I just wanted them to be motivated for traveling, seeking new experience and opportunities, like Erasmus+ programme and just learn languages.

In my opinion, Erasmus in Schools is very important to educate the younger generation of Lithuania and teach them hospitality for foreigners, so everyone coming to this beautiful country would always be welcome. 

Samanta Bernadeta Kaupaitė, ESN VMU


The path to educate the youth about ESN was conducted by ESN LSMU at Sedos Vytauto Mačernio gimnazija on May 8th. The ESN LSMU team consisted of members from different countries who interacted with the young minds of Seda. The event started with commemorating the Europe day, to celebrate the peace and unity in Europe.

It was a challenging task for the presenters to present in English as the students found the English language a bit hard to understand. The presentations included information on the academic studies; cultural differences in Lithuania and other countries. A former Erasmus student shared her valuable experience during her days in Erasmus and also as an ESN board member when she attended National Platforms. The event ended with a game of Kahoot which energised the students. The students and teachers made sure to express their pleasant feedback to the ESN team through their generous smiles and the warmth of their hugs and from children of which some said “ they understood our English better than their teachers “ while for others it was a realisation point and a motivation seeing one of their alumni standing in front of them presenting and speaking fluent English.

The goal of the project was to raise awareness about intercultural communication, to break stereotypes and also to increase knowledge about exchange programs.

Above all, we served as a platform to educate the younger generation about the role of ESN in a student’s life.

Steffi Shaji, ESN LSMU