This quarantine has definitely changed a big part of our daily routines, but that doesn’t mean we should forget to take care of our mental health. This is a perfect time to stop everything for a moment and rethink what works the best for us. Also, some of us are spending these days alone, so it’s important to pay more attention to how the current situation is making us feel.


Because of that, we wanted to give you some ideas that you could add to your quarantine life to make yourself feel a bit better. Different methods work for different people, so find something that will fit your needs!


1. Create a new routine

You might be working from home, gyms are closed, you can’t grab your favourite coffee on the way to the office, meeting your friends in the park for a weekly picnic is not possible at the moment… We currently have to adjust our lives to what is happening, so a lot of our old routines just don’t fit anymore. That is why we need to start new ones!


Try to wake up at the same time every day, start your day with your favourite tea or coffee, don’t forget to get dressed even if staying in the bathrobe is so comfortable. The key is to find something that will keep you grounded during these complicated times.



2. Communication is key

We might not be able to meet up with our friends or family now, but that doesn’t mean that this has to stop us from keeping in touch with them! Feeling down? Call your parents or grandparents and talk to them about how you’re doing during the quarantine. They will be very happy to hear your voice. 


Missing going out with your friends? Organise a video call, play online games with them, watch Netflix together out of the comfort of your own home thanks to plug-ins. Technology has come a long way, and now is the perfect time to make the best of it!



3. Take time for yourself

Yoga, bath bombs, reading Harry Potter books again for the 14th time, trying out new yoga poses or even learning how to knit. These are just some of the examples that can turn any day into a perfect opportunity to unwind. These days can be stressful, so find something that calms you down. Is it an old hobby that you didn’t have time for anymore? Or maybe you want to try that banana bread recipe that you saw online?


If you want, then you can even set a specific time during the day when you will pause everything for a while and do something that makes you feel better. You deserve a break, don’t forget that.



4. Remember the most important thing

It is okay not to come out of this as a new professional chef or an athlete. It’s not a problem at all if you need an hour to finish a task that used to take you 30 minutes. Maybe not all of us will finish multiple online courses, and that is perfectly fine. We are dealing with a difficult situation where it’s sometimes hard to know the answer to everything. The most important thing is that we still try to take care of ourselves and get through this one day at a time.