ESN Lithuania has been managed by the National Board (NB) since 2010. The NB represents the organisation at the international level of ESN, organises national events, maintains the connection between local sections, and provides support for their development. The NB also works in the interest of international students by trying to ensure a friendly and social atmosphere during their stay in Lithuania.

To ensure the smooth operation of ESN Lithuania, the NB organises the most important decision-making event at the national level - the National Assembly, which takes place three times a year.

The NB consists of six regular members who are assisted by National Coordinators, which help to guarantee the quality of ESN Lithuania’s work. The NB’s term lasts for one year, starting from the summer National Assembly, which traditionally takes place in June.

You can contact the entire NB via the mailing list board[at]esnlithuania[dot]org


Laura Stefanovič

Elshada Jasper

Shreya Pravin Kumar

Goda Varnaitė

Communication Manager


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