ESN Lithuania is a non-governmental organisation officially established under the name "Erasmus Studentų Tinklas ESN Lietuva". It's a part of the biggest student association in Europe called Erasmus Student Network which is present in more than 1000 Higher Education Institutions in 42 Countries.

Our goals are:

  • to create the environment for personal improvement based on the principle "students helping students";
  • improve the social and cultural integration of international students;
  • promote students' mobility and accessibility;
  • help students' reintegration into the community after their studies abroad;
  • promote voluntary activities and active public spirit.

At the moment ESN Lithuania unites 11 sections working in 16 different Higher Education Institutions all across the country including Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai, and Klaipėda.  ESN Lithuania is managed by the National Board, which presents organisation in the International level of ESN, organises National events, keeps the connection between local sections, provides facilities for their development.
On the 23rd April 2016, ESN Lithuania was approved as an observer of the Lithuanian National Youth Council (LiJOT).