7 sections of ESN Lithuania have joined the Erasmus in Schools (EiS) project and organised multiple meeting with kids in different schools in Lithuania. 

Wondering what EiS is? It is an ongoing project based on non-formal education. The aim of EiS is to promote mobility, familiarise students with other countries and cultures, new traditions and customs, help them to overcome stereotypes.

The Education Exchanges Support Foundation (Švietimo mainų paramos fondas) has supported the project, and that has resulted in our sections visiting 13 schools and carrying out 14 visits in total. 

The volunteers have started discussions about intercultural communication, the possibilities of mobility, and it was a perfect chance for students to think about their life after school and meet people from all over the world. Meetings like these are a great opportunity to gain the benefits of non-formal education and even learn more about internationalisation, which is becoming more and more important these days.

However, ESN members were not alone. International students from Turkey, Cyprus, Turkmenistan, the Netherlands, Greece, India, Mexico and many other countries have joined the volunteers and traveled to meet the Lithuanian students. 

Together they have reached more than 700 people, debunked stereotypes and explained more about the possibilities and benefits of mobility. Such a high number is the result of work that was carried out with the help of everyone who participated and the Education Exchanges Support Foundation.

Participating in this project was beneficial for both sides. ESN members and international students were able to raise awareness about relevant topics, educate Lithuanian students about the diversity of the world, but they also enjoyed the visits because they were able to proudly present their countries and cultures.

The outcomes of the project motivate the organisation to continue the work and keep trying to spread a positive message about internationalisation.