Erasmus is a perfect time to travel, learn more about other cultures, and meet new friends that you will remember for the rest of your life, however, you shouldn’t forget another important aspect of life - health and well-being! Sometimes it can seem complicated, but here you can find the best and simplest ways to ensure that you are taking care of yourself when you’re abroad too.


Try to get moving!

Before you start thinking that this step might not be ideal for you, hear us out! You don’t need to run a marathon to feel like you are taking good care of your health. Simply going on a walk when you have a free minute has great health benefits that you shouldn’t miss out on. Our studies and jobs make us sit for hours, so walking to the next bus stop while you’re waiting or going out for a run after lectures is a perfect way to move a little bit.


Also, many ESN sections are organising sports events that you can join with your friends if you enjoy a little bit of competition. ESN Lithuania has just organised Autumn Erasmus Games ‘19 with such sports competitions as table tennis, volleyball, and basketball, so make sure to follow social media accounts of ESN Lithuania and your local ESN section to hear more about such events!


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A moment just for you

Lectures, tasks, work, chores… There is so much going on in our everyday lives, so taking a break is extremely important! There are hundreds of ways to relax after a long day, and you just need to find one that is right for you. Is it taking some yoga classes after lectures and freeing yourself from any negative thoughts? Is it listening to your favourite podcast on the way back home? Or would reading a good book be more right up your alley? 


Take a minute to figure out what makes you more relaxed and make sure to add that to your daily routine! Taking care of your mental health and feeling better are important aspects of life, so don’t forget to find something that brings you joy. 


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Something magical about home-cooked food


It seems so easy to some order fast food one after a long day, however, this can become an unhealthy routine. Cooking for hours is not something that you might want to do after coming back home, but you don’t even have to! There are hundreds of recipes that won’t take up too much of your evening, but they will still give you the title of the world’s best chef.


Getting fresh ingredients is also a big part of staying healthy. Why not go to a farmer’s market on a weekend with your roommates and shop for some cheap and tasty fruits and vegetables that you can easily add to any recipe and make it a thousand times better?


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